Inside Secret Comedy: Seeing a Show in #DC



If I let you in on this secret…you’re going to have to promise not to tell…


Don’t Tell Comedy has come to Washington and I can confirm it is one of the most fun things you do this summer! If you like events that are BYOB, enjoy laughing, and are okay with trusting the process- this event is for you. Don’t Tell Comedy performs secret comedy shows in cities across the U.S. with some of the country’s best up and coming comics. Never heard of it? That means it’s working. 

The gig is a secret comedy show that happens in anonymous places with anonymous comics. Each event is BYOB and could be hosted in any venue; from personal homes to rooftop events’ spaces.  When buying your ticket all you are made aware of is the general area or neighborhood in which the show will be performed. For me- it was “Don’t Tell Comedy Chinatown.” Rationalizing that Chinatown wasn’t too far from me, I decided to go for it.  I always love a good surprise and was curious how they would pull off a show that wasn’t very advertised.


 So, I bought two tickets, invited a friend, and waited. 


A few hours before the event I was emailed the place in which the comedy show would take place, the arrival time and instructions on which entrance to use. For me, it was Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Having never been to a wax museum, I was skeptical.  I always assumed wax museums were just tacky tourist traps with fake people in it. The answer is yes, they are. However, my lack of other plans and the curiosity of it all intrigued me and I was eager to find out what this was all about. 

As I arrived at the wax museum, I was greeted by a staff person who told me to “walk through the Presidents- you will find it.” So along with my 6 pack of Blue Moon, I walked through wax Lincolns, Bushes, and Regans. I was already cracking up before the comedy show even began. Was I really allowed in this museum with a 6 pack? And is this what George Washington actually looked like? As I walked past a wax Rihanna and Al Roker, I came to a bunch of chairs where the show later began.  After thirty minutes or so of exploring, 6 incredible comics performed alongside wax people and a crowd of about 30 young adults. 


Not only was this one of the most fun i’ve had-  it brought me to a place I would have never ever gone, and I met people who were having just as much fun as I was having. It is hard not to bond with people when you are given a random spot to explore and brilliant comics to laugh along with. 

Don’t Tell Comedy is happening throughout the summer, in various *secret* locations; so while I wish I could tell you more- you are going to have to trust the process. Trust me, go along with comedy’s best-kept secret. You won’t regret it. Check out their website for more information on upcoming gigs. 


My tip? Bring a six pack or a bottle of wine, a friend who is down for a good time, and enjoy the ride!


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