Winding Down From the Rise and Grind With a Hooky Day in DC



Do you remember being a kid, sitting at your desk in school and daydreaming about playing hooky and having the grandest adventure? The older I get, the more amazed I am that these child-like impulses never go away. So, in the spirit of rebelling against the monotony of adulting, I took a day off from work last week. If you’re facing burnout and boredom, DC Fray is all about encouraging a mental health day. Make it a personal mission to Live. It. Up.

You might be thinking “Okay, I’ll call in sick on Wednesday,” and maybe you’ve even convinced your bestie to take PTO with you but… Now what?” Well, welcome to the ultimate guide to making fun possible when everyone else is rising and grinding just a bit too hard.

1. Seek out some ADRENALINE.

You know Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion and Six Flags are all under a two-hour drive from DC, right? Plus, lines are minimal on a weekday morning while kids and parents are waiting for 5 p.m. The best way to experience these parks is without the crowds and lines, so if you can score some time off mid-week, we say pack up the car and head towards waterslides and rollercoasters.

#FrayLife Tip: Do your childhood self a favor and splurge on the funnel cake. 

2. Sip the day away.

The vineyards of northern Virginia are gorgeous, but we all know what they’re like on a Saturday afternoon in the summer– you find yourself sadly selecting your bottle and fighting for a comfortable place to sit. Mid-week, on the other hand, you have your pick of the land. So grab a bottle or go for a tasting and enjoy having the rows and rows of vines all to yourself. 

3. Enjoy some seriously awesome grub.

What restaurant have you been dying to get into on a Friday or Saturday night? Where have you wanted to try out the food but can’t hang with the insane dinner prices? Visit for lunch instead! There will be no wait, and the lunch specials taste just as good as larger, pricier dinner portions. Have a cocktail or three… You’re not going back to the office today 😉

4. Get educated in a fun way!

A lot of us are dying to see the new dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum but can’t fathom fighting through crowds to catch a glimpse. The African American History Museum is also a hot ticket right now that is just too difficult to score on the weekends. And have you checked out the National Portrait Gallery or The Hirshhorn without having to duck and dodge around tourists to catch a glimpse at the art? Now is your time! 

#FrayLift Tip: Play tourist on a Tuesday and hit up exhibits you’ve never had a chance to see!

5. Get your sweat on.

Getting up early to work out is exhausting, and visiting the gym after a long day in the office can seem impossible. There is no better time to take a bougie spin class or hot yoga than mid-day. The class sizes are tiny, increasing the one-on-one time with an instructor, and once it’s over, you’ll feel energized for the day to come! 

6. RELAX. You’ve earned it.

Most DC hotels offer day passes to their rooftop pools for under $20, so you can sit by the water and catch some rays in solitude. You can also stroll through city center shops without any rush. Or maybe you want to try an urban hike through many of DC’s low-key trails and take a deep breath of fresh air. Many DC nail salons offer deals if you come by Monday-Wednesday, so book a mani-pedi. All of these activities are so much easier when you don’t have the weekend crowd to compete with!

However YOU unwind, do it. You deserve it. 

And when you’ve completed your hooky day, while you’re suppressing that tiny twinge of guilt, remember that your childhood self is WORTH a day of fun and adventure. Tag us in your adventures with #FrayLife #DCFray so we can live vicariously through you! 

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