Where To Watch Your Hometown NFL Team In DC

If you don’t count the food, beer and seeing your fantasy players rack up points, the best part about NFL Sundays is watching your game with people who are as just passionate about your team as you are.

The sense of community is part of what makes football the biggest sport in America, but if you didn’t grow up in DC, you probably struggle to find more than a couple of people who give a crap whether your team wins or loses each week.

It’s no fun being the only person screaming at the TV when a big play happens, or trying to find someone to high-five and realizing there’s not a single [insert your team’s name] jersey in sight.

You wait all week for Sunday, so you don’t want to sit at home watching your game alone, but you also don’t want to go to a bar where some drunk guy rooting for another team won’t shut up behind you (we’re looking at you Cowboys fans).

Luckily, you don’t have to do either. Regardless where you’re originally from, there’s a DC bar where fans just like you gather to cheer your team to victory (or drown their sorrows) each week. Here’s where you need to watch your game if you want to feel that hometown vibe on Sunday Funday:

Atlanta Falcons: Mason Inn

2408 Wisconsin Ave., NW


Arizona Cardinals: Crystal City Sports Pub

529 23rd St S, Arlington, VA


Baltimore Ravens: Mason Inn

2408 Wisconsin Ave., NW


Buffalo Bills: Grand Central

2447 18th St. NW.


Carolina Panthers: Town Hall

2304 Wisconsin Ave., NW


Chicago Bears: Union Pub

201 Massachusetts Ave., NE


Cincinnati Bengals: The Bottom Line

1716 I St., NW


Cleveland Browns: Ugly Mug

723 8th St SE


Dallas Cowboys: Parlay Sports Lounge

1827 M St., NW


Denver Broncos: Stoney’s P Street

1433 P St., NW


Detroit Lions and Pats: Capitol Lounge

229 Pennsylvania Ave., NW


Green Bay Packers: Lost & Found

1240 Ninth St., NW



Jacksonville Jaguars:  Buffalo Billiards

1330 19th St., NW


Kansas City Chiefs: Clyde’s Alley Bar

707 7th St NW


LA Rams: District of Pi (Chinatown)

910 F St NW


Miami Dolphins: Sully’s Pour House

754 Elden St #102, Herndon, VA 20170


Minnesota Vikings: Sine Irish Pub

1301 Joyce St., Arlington


New England Patriots: Murphy’s

713 King St., Alexandria


New Orleans Saints: Buffalo Billards

1330 19th St., NW


New York Giants: Nanny O’Brien’s

3319 Connecticut Ave., NW


New York Jets: Irish Channel

500 H Street NW


Oakland Raiders: Public Bar Dupont

1214 18th St., NW


Philadelphia Eagles: Ventor Sports Cafe

2411 18th St NW


Pittsburgh Steelers: Tortoise & Hare

567 S. 23rd St., Arlington


San Francisco 49ers: Town Tavern

2323 18th St., NW


Seattle Seahawks: Penn Quarter Sports Tavern

639 Indiana Ave NW,


Tennessee Titans: Mackey’s Public House

1823 L St NW

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