4 Flaming Cocktails That’ll Get You Lit This Weekend



DC is a town that certainly knows how to have a good time and people who live here have been known to throw back an adult beverage or two.

Thursday – Sunday nights, bars across the city are usually jammed packed with all different kinds of people looking to be social and have fun.

As much as we love jumping in on all of the excitement that the DC bar scene has to offer, drink menus around the city can definitely get a bit repetitive, and we can only take so many light beers and vodka sodas before we have to change it up.

Luckily, we’ve been able to track down some little-known specialty cocktails offered throughout the city that are pretty lit (pun intended) and will help make your next night out more eventful.

That’s right — cocktails on fire. Believe it or not, a handful of restaurants and bars offer flamed cocktails and beverages on their drink menus so, if you’re looking to spice up your typical drink order during your night on the town (and get total cool points from your social followers), here are 4 drinkeries (is that a word?) with flaming cocktails that’ll make your weekend lit! 

1. “Off the Coast of Hanauma Bay” – Dram and Grain 

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

This spot truly puts a spin on our childhood dream of finding the treasure chest in our backyards. If you’re looking for a cocktail that fits under the scale of 1 to extra, this one ranks the highest at EXTRA! This frozen Tiki cocktail is served in a treasure chest and set aflame right in front of your eyes. Talk about finding the gold!

#FrayLife Tip: This drink is huge! It’s the perfect mega drink to share with some friends before heading out for the night!

2. Fruit Cocktails – Chaplin’s 

Photo Credit: Eater

This DC favorite is known not only for its killer ramen, but also for its creative cocktails. Chaplin’s offers a number of drinks off of its “Smoke, Wind and Fire” menu, with the “Fire” drinks being a number of cocktails that are sparked with flames before consumption.

#FrayLife Tip: Be sure to ask your server for a warning before the drink is lit up so you can grab some awesome footage! Don’t forget to tag us in your photos with #FrayLife.

3. “Blue Blazer” – Columbia Room

Photo Credit: Eater DC

This one is as boujee as it gets. Along with offering a number of drinks that can be set to flames, Columbia Room also offers a mosaic-backed tasting room that allows guests to taste three or five-course cocktail menus!

#FrayLife Tip: Try this place out for your next date night. It’s definitely upscale, but the wide menu variety with flamed drinks really adds a fun aspect to the lounge.

4. “Hellfire Sazerac” – Black Whisky 

Photo Credit: Thrillist

This one tastes as good as it looks! Black Whisky changes up the lit drink game with its Hellfire Sazerac. The bar uses a flame-throwing spray that sets this Thai, chili-infused cocktail to flames. Put this bad boy on your Instagram feed and next thing you know, all your followers will be trying it out themselves.

#FrayLife Tip: If you’re looking to have a low-key night after having a couple drinks here, grab an ice cream after from Jeni’s Splendid right down the block.

Did we miss your favorite flaming drink? Snap a photo next time you ordered it and post it on your social with #FrayLife so we can add it to our list next time!

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  1. My tastebuds are ablaze in fiery anticipation of tasting these lit cocktails….cool me down, need to cool down!