Doughnuts in the District: Your Guide to Top Spots



Move over Oregon, out of the way New York! Slide over Dunkin, Timmy Ho’s, and Krispy Kreme. There is a new Donut Capitol and it’s name is The DMV.


That’s right! Have you noticed the explosion of donuts shops in the area yet? If not, you will! These delicious glazed rounds of dough are impossible to resist and are creating quite a stir in D.C. Whether you’re a loyalist to your down-the-street shop, or in the market for a new breakfast go-to, we hope you’ll join us on a donut journey and give all of these awesome shops a try!


District Doughnut

They top our list because they top DC’s list. Voted best donuts four years in a row, this multi-location sugary empire started with co-founders frying four donuts at a time in a single wok. Built by former pastry chefs, District Doughnut uses the best ingredients they can source.


Our Favorite: The Blueberry Glazed.


Sugar Shack

Featured on USA Today’s 10 Best list- this Richmond Based Donut Shop has a DC location filled with exciting, ever-rotating flavors, including some rare combo’s you’ll never find anywhere else, like Pineapple Serano. Each Sugar Shack Shop is locally operated with locally sourced ingredients; hand rolled and baked.


Our Favorite: It’s a tie! The Mud Pot vs Blackberry Lavender. Try them both and let us know your favorite using #DCFray


Astro Donuts and Fried Chicken

Donuts and FRIED. CHICKEN. Astro has got the sweet and savory combo down pat. Try some chicken with a donut on the side, or, better yet, try a chicken sandwich with donuts as a bun- anything is possible when you’ve got the right menu! Astro has a new brick and mortar location in addition to the food truck you can stalk, I mean, track, on their website.


Our Favorite: Maple Bacon


Mac’s Donuts

This Arlington farmers-market frequenting food truck is well worth the line you will likely wait in to get your hands on some delicious donuts. They come in three sizes, “Stick-O-Donuts,” “Bag-O-Donuts” and “Box-O-Donuts.” We recommend gettin’ a stick, all to yourself. The easiest way to find Mac’s Truck is following them on Twitter @macsdonuts.


Our Favorite: One flavor fits all at Mac’s!

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