DON’T PANIC! And other fun things to do when the Government shuts down



Everyone has a complete and total meltdown every now and again and the government is no exception. Fortunately, things are usually back to normal in just a couple of short days. But for those of us living in DC, we may find a government shutdown a little more problematic than the rest of the country does. No monuments. No museums. No National Parks. Just a vague sense of unease that has settled over the city like a heavy fog. What’s a poor Washingtonian supposed to do? Well, DC Fray has a few fun activities that will really get you into the government shutdown spirit. And if not, well then at least we will get you prepared for the worst. Good luck!

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//#FrayLifeDaily If you feel like the government has been shut down since last year, today's the day to let loose & have some fun around the DMV! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ When we say COURT, you say HOUSE! Court! House! Court! House! 📣Now when we say YOU SHOULD, you say GO THERE! No really, you should! A happenin' little neighborhood in Arlington, Courthouse has got it goin' on with tons of after work (or all day or you're not working bc #govtshutdown) activities that will have your Monday feeling like a Friday! Alles gute at @courthaussocial, a hip American beer garden. Dog friendly and boasting some mean HH deals, Courthaus Social'll have you changing your "Yeahs" to "Jas" in no time! Beer not your thing? Get some vino at @verrewinebar! Sip on some Chardonnay while eating a charcuterie board. #FrayLife Tip: Once you're hooked, you can snag a whole bottle and a board for only $25 on Sundays! What's for dessert? Our pals at @nicecream are freezin' up some fantastic flavors with their single-batch, liquid nitrogen-frozen ice cream! It's dessert AND a show! Why not throw in a movie? We don't know about you, but our must-see list got WAY bigger after the Golden Globes this weekend! There's an AMC in Courthouse Plaza, and it's so very metro accessible! Leave your car at home and have an extra glass of that Chardonnay! 🥂#MonYAY // When we say HASH, you say TAGS! (Okay, okay, we'll stop.) #DCFray & #FrayLife (📸 : @rydongrams )

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Watch movies

Pretty much any post-apocalypse movie will put you in the government shutdown spirit. But if you’re not into the heavy stuff, try popping in Night at the Museum (the second one obviously) cause we know you’re missing your daily dose of the Smithsonian right about now. So snuggle up with your apocalypse buddies or your museum-loving fiends and chillax while you go on pretending like the backbone of our country just didn’t shut down.

Support local businesses

Just because politicians get a break doesn’t mean Mom-and-Pop-shops do. And since we all know big businesses run Washington anyway, do your part this government shutdown and really stick it to the man by rejecting your conglomerate overlords, shop local and stock up on end of the world essentials from the shop on the corner. The government might be back up and running tomorrow, or it might not. Either way, you may wanna grab a few extra cans of Spam, just in case.

Don’t skip leg day

Take a bike ride around the District. We still have cars, and buses, and the Metro… for now. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry which means you should probably embrace your new post-shutdown-tech-free lifestyle before it’s too late. After all, the government is down which means the end is probably near. You may have to outrun anything from zombies to cops, to robotic alien emperors. You’ll thank us one day.

Read up on classic survival guide material

Hunger Games, Divergent, 1984, Animal Farm… get where we’re going here? Crucial life or death information lines the shelves of your local bookstores. These first-hand accounts of dysfunctional politics have everything you need to know if you want to make it out of this government shutdown alive. But if you hopped off the Katniss Everdeen bandwagon years ago, or if dystopian futures just really aren’t your thing, you can still swing by and pick up a book about government and politics and maybe you can make sense of why ours can’t seem to function.

Don’t resort to cannibalism

Instead, take your family (or friends (or just yourself)) and go out for a nice dinner. Government or not, DC is still chock full of excellent restaurant choices for you to visit and chow down at. We suggest stopping by one of DC’s most Instagrammable restaurants. Nothing like watching the world implode by a candlelit dinner complete with steak tartare. And if anyone complains, well then, let them eat cake!


Gather together with your most trusted friends and start plotting up a new government (hey, it’s what our founding fathers did, ok?). Or, you could just drink until you forget the fact that the world may be ending and you may or may not be out of a job and you may or may not see the pandas ever again because the zoo is closed. But cheers! To the Revolution! And to cheap beer!

But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun this government shutdown! Any ideas we should add to our list? Leave us a comment. Be sure to let us know how you spend your shutdown by tagging us on social media with #FrayLife and #DCFray!


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