Warning: You’ll Be Dining All Over DC After Following the Best Local Food Accounts on Instagram



A picture is worth a thousand calories.  I mean… words.

Looking for food porn?  Look no further. #FrayLife recommends following these local Instagram handles documenting the mouth-watering meals, diet-breaking treats, and yummy eats you can find across the DMV.

DC Food Porn

This popular account is run by a recent Georgetown grad who has generated over 100k foodie


The Tuff Truffle

The Tuff Truffle is run by a local teenager has developed quite the following for snapping pics of his meals.

DC Foodsters

For the carb lovers.

District Delicious

For your sweet tooth.

Eat the Capital

Follow these guys for generalized pretty pictures of local food finds.

District Foodies

Exactly what it sounds like.

Edible DC

It’s only natural a food magazine has a drool-worthy Instagram account.

The Hungry Lobbyist

Food and lifestyle account run by… you guessed it!  A lobbyist foodie.

Did your favorite local DC food account make the list? If not, tell us who else we need to check out!

Want to turn your own Instagram into the envy of your friends? Make sure you’ve posted from the most Instagrammable places in DC (using #FrayLife #DCFray, of course)!


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