Celebrate Spring With These 6 Seasonal DC-Brewed Ales

The cherry blossoms have bloomed and the Nats have played their first games of the season, which means it’s officially springtime in the District (at least some days the weather agrees).

Nothing compliments the warmer, sunny days of spring quite sipping a cold beer with friends outside – in a park, on a patio, or on a rooftop. Many local breweries in DC are starting to release some dry, fresh, totally crushable brews to match the warmth of the season. Think IPAs, session sours, and farmhouse ales.

We’ve sipped our way current lineups at some of our favorite DC breweries to give you a great, go-to list to kick off your pre-summer partying.


Farmhouse AF | 5.75% abv (alcohol by volume)

Brewed by DC Brau

This in-your-face farmhouse is available at the brewery and throughout the city on tap or in 4-pack, 16oz tall boys. It’s a delicious, perfectly balanced brew that blends the characteristics of a French saison (fruit, spice, and carbonation) with an added dash of hot hops. This “Veterans Blend” — with sale proceeds going to organizations that support veterans — is loud with notes of lemon-lime, papaya, and passionfruit. It is, indeed, Farmhouse AF.


Manhattan Project | 6.1% abv

Brewed by Red Bear Brewing Co.

Brand new to the DC brewing scene, Red Bear Brewing is coming out swinging strong with this Kettle sour. This beer is inspired by the bright red maraschino cherries you can find in a fancy Manhattan cocktail, and you can see and taste it. Royally red in color, it’s a sour and complex brew, with flavors of cherries and toasted almonds that will make you shake with delight.


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Spirit Animal | 6.0% abv

Brewed by Right Proper Brewing Company

Spirit Animal is an intensely hoppy, gorgeous golden-colored beer that’s perfect for keeping you warm on those cooler spring nights. It’s a farmhouse ale, so naturally has a nice tangy, fizzy base. But RPB amped this one up with dry, tasty punches of citrus, particularly grapefruit.


Baby Blue| 4.8% abv

Brewed by Bluejacket Brewing

So fresh and so clean. Baby Blue is as nice tasting as it is nice sounding. This Kolsch style ale is a tip of the feathered hat to the refreshing blond brews of Cologne, Germany. It’s a palatable celebration of smooth, crisp malts and delicate, subtle fruit. This is one of those beers you can drink over and over again without feeling too heavy.


#FrayLife Tip: Beyond having some great beers, Bluejacket is also one of the best breweries in town to sit outside and enjoy spring weather on their large outdoor patio.


The Precious One| 6.4% abv

Brewed by Atlas Brew Works

The Precious One is a special, seasonal apricot IPA made just for spring. It’s juicy. It’s hoppy. It’s surprisingly heavy. Blossoming flowers appear from above and fall around you with every sip you take.*

*Probably not true


Ignite IPA | 6.5% abv

Brewed by Hellbender Brewing Company

Ignite IPA is perfect for cracking open at a Nats game (it’s sold at the stadium) on a glorious sunny spring day. Its surprisingly bitter taste is punctuated with bright citrus notes that give relief to a strong, earthy taste. This is a perfect slow-sipper.


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What’s your favorite local seasonal beer? Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media using the #FrayLife #DCFray  hashtags!


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