6 Places To Go When You’re Tired of Clubbing

We are young, wild, and free!! We are in our twenties!! And we are sick and tired of going to the same crowded club with the same flashing lights, where we have to yell over people and leave feeling like we are walking out of a sauna. 


Don’t get me wrong, every once and a while it’s great to get down and boogie with your pals after taking a round of shots. But if that’s not your vibe this week, this month, or even this year- I have some tips on things to do this summer that avoid clubs and sweaty crowded dance floors altogether. 


Alas, here are 6 perfect places to go in the #District at night when you’re tired of clubbing: 


The Board Room:

Located in DuPont Circle, amidst the hustle and bustle lies the best kind of bar- a board game bar. This funky hangout offers all the games you could ever imagine, as well as drinks if you’re feeling like sipping a beer (or three) as you play Battleship. Outside food is also allowed, so if you are a huge Chipotle fan, or want to order a pizza before playing Cards Against Humanity, it is welcomed and encouraged. With seating both upstairs and down, it is sure to be a good time no matter how many people you are with. Regardless of what you are looking for, as long as you are down for some games, this place is for you! You can toast to winning, losing, or just the fact that you aren’t sweating in a club filled with a million people! Cheers! 


H Street Country Club:

If you would still be down for a drink or two, but want to do something more than just sit and talk over drinks- H Street Country Club is for you! Don’t worry, it’s not a country club like your grandparents go to in Florida- this bar features skeeball, shuffleboard, and other arcade games on the first floor; a full miniature golf course on the second floor; and a pool themed rooftop. With bars on each floor, you can easily grab a drink while competing against your pals in a game of your choice. If arcade games are your jam- you can challenge fellow bar-goers to a skeeball tournament. Offering tons of outlets for fun, the H Street Country Club will offer you a nice break from the neon strobe lights. 


DC Outdoor Films: 

Love being outside? but also love Netflix? Get yourself a venue that can do BOTH. Various places around D.C. are offering outdoor movies, and the organization, DC Outdoor Films has done you the favor of compiling them all for you. So no need to keep tabs on those Facebook events you keep clicking “interested” on.  Instead, you can log onto DC Outdoor Films, and check out the full DC schedule. Featuring films in Adams Morgan, Georgetown, Freedom Plaza, The Capitol Riverfront, and more, you cannot go wrong. There are DOZENS of options for you! Pick a flick, pack a blanket, and grab bae and some microwaved popcorn. Not only will you get to relax, but you can get the feeling of going out while also being able to wake up the next morning feeling chipper and fresh! Unlike those nights at the club…

#FrayLifeTip: Make sure you get there early so you can get a good seat!!! These fill up! 


Sandy Spring Adventure Park:

This option comes for the more outdoorsy types who are wanting to get away from the concrete jungle and into some nature. Sandy Spring Adventure Park has teamed up with DC Fray to host “Adult Adventure Park Takeovers.” What does this mean exactly? It means that three times this summer you have the chance to get discounted tickets to Sandy Spring Adventure Park’s 200+ ropes courses and zipline challenges. After a quick orientation, you will be set free to explore on your own and glide through the trees of Sandy Spring. Not only is it a beautiful place, but each ropes course is also a different difficulty. So your CrossFit pals can go, Tarzan, the black diamond path while you can soar with ease at your own comfort level. Tired of the ropes course? They have a giant fire pit and tons of picnic tables for you to roast smores, order pizzas, and unpack your cooler. While there will be lights and music, I can assure you it will be far more refreshing and full of fresh air than your last experience at the club. Sign up here! Can’t make DC Fray’s event? They are open all summer! 


#FrayLifeTip: While the take over is at night,  try to get there a little before sunset. That way, you can watch the sunset above the trees and still get some time with the lights. 


Dance Lessons at The Wharf: 

Okay, so maybe you love dancing and are a  little offended that I have been bad talking the dance floors. But hey, you have made it this far in the article so you must still be itching for something more than the club dance floor.. This summer, The Wharf is offering Saturday Night Dancing each month. Whether it is Country Line Dancing or Salsa Night- bring along some friends and give it your best shot!! With bars, restaurants, waterfront, and dancing, the Wharf is the place to be. Let’s see what you got! 


Bier Baron Comedy Show:

Last, but certainly not least, I have to give a shoutout to my favorite comedy spot in D.C. Right in DuPont, this old bar and comedy venue offers a place for authentic and genuine laughs. I stumbled upon Bier Baron one night after googling “comedy show in DC tonight” hours before the show because I was sick of clubs. It was that night I discovered this gem of a place and one of my favorite comics (shoutout to Jourdain Fisher…a rising star). If comedy isn’t your thing, they also host Magic Mike shows on the top floor, or trivia during the week. This place is a jack of all trades. If you enjoy comedy, beers, and bars with an old charm, you gotta check this out. Check out their schedule here. 


Where are your favorite spots in the #district to avoid the club scene? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to tag us on socials using #DCFray and #FrayLife

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