5 Reasons to Kick Off the Holidays with DC Fray’s Santa Bowl



‘Tis the season for holiday-themed events, so get ready to ho ho hike at the Santa Bowl! On December 7, This fifth-annual flag football tournament is a surefire way to kick off the winter season, so grab your friends and start prepping for the best event of the holidays. Need help convincing your social circle to join you? We’ve got you covered. 


1. Benefits charity 


The Santa Bowl will benefit Bridges to Independence, a nonprofit that helps individuals and families overcome homelessness. So, not only will you have a blast with DC Fray, but you’ll be helping your neighbors get back on their feet. 


2. Prizes 


You have not one, but two opportunities to win prizes at the Santa Bowl. All teams are encouraged to bring at least five grocery bags worth of items for Bridges to Independence, but the team that collects the most nonperishables, toiletries and gift cards will receive a bonus reward. A prize will also be given to the tournament-winning team. If you can’t win on the field, step up your game off the field for a great cause – or win both! 


3. Bragging rights


Double the awards means double the chances for bragging rights, right? Teams of 12 or more are accepted for this event, so gather your toughest pals and get ready to win. 


4. Prepare for your fitness resolution


After the holiday season has passed, you’ll be looking for a New Year’s resolution, and it’s no secret that gym subscriptions spike at the beginning of each year. Why not get started before the gyms are packed? The Santa Bowl will have you training prior to the event and will leave you wanting more when your team finishes in first place! 


5. Get into the holiday spirit 


The Santa Bowl will get you ready for next Sunday’s watch party as well as help you prepare you for the meaning of the season – giving back! Plus, the Santa Bowl is a great reason to gather your pals, which will encourage your friend group to stick together for the holidays.

If these reasons don’t convince your friend group to join you at the Santa Bowl, then maybe you need new friends! Get out there and rally for a great cause. 

Tag us in your food collection and game prep with #DCFray #FrayLife. 

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