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We totally get it: after spending 8 hours #adulting, deciding how to spend your precious free time is one of the best problems to have.

While we’re always down to lace ‘em up and play in one of our amazing sports leagues (we’re unbiased we swear), we’re also some of the biggest seasonal beer-enjoying, concert-going, food-carting guys and gals you’ll meet!

However, all these activities can come with a serious drawback– there’s a reason the District is locked in a perpetual battle with New York and San Francisco for the most expensive place to live. (Try explaining to your parents how finding a studio for under $1500 a month is a steal!)

While going to these events is a blast to attend, spacing them out is a necessity to avoid seriously wrecking a budget. Here at DC Fray, we’re all about making fun possible, and one of our favorite new apps is helping make fun affordable, too, by connecting cool people with similar interests across the DMV.

Launched in DC this August, INWEGO is a straight-out-of-the-future subscription-based event app that gives you access to hundreds of events in DC for a fixed price.

Here’s how it works:

For $49 a month, INWEGO offers access to a host of events across town. That means for less than your average happy hour tab, you get access to everything from Drake concerts and Wizards games, to 5K races and comedy shows.

Here is a taste of the MANY upcoming shows, games, and other events featured in their lineup this November:


0.5K Underachiever’s “Run” — 11/11 (Bar Crawl)


6Lack at The Anthem — 11/12 (Concert)

Washington Wizards vs Brooklyn Nets — 11/14 (NBA)

Ohio State @ University of Maryland — 11/17 (NCAA Football)

Ready to get off the couch and get out there? Getting started is so easy our office dog (Hi, Wally!) was even able to sign up.

Simply download the INWEGO app, create an account and begin searching the hundreds of events across DC. Once you find an event you’d like to attend, simply click “reserve” and you’re good to go!


#FrayLife Tip: Events are listed on the app 45 days in advance and are available for reservation 5 days before the event. They are first-come, first-served and go even faster for big events and pro sports, so be sure to reserve early!

While slurping oysters silly or laughing the night away at a comedy show are our ideas of good times, what we really love most about INWEGO is how it’s bringing like-minded people together in a fun, authentic way.

To learn more about how INWEGO works and to browse current events, visit INWEGO’s website and download the app today.

#FrayLife Tip: Wanna try INWEGO for 50% off? Subscribe to the app today and use the special promo code FRAY50 and to get hooked up with ½ off for your first month. That means unlimited sports, shows and more for less than $25!

We’ll see you out there (don’t forget to tag #FrayLife #DCFray so we can keep up with your INWEGO adventures)!


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