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Imagine it’s a weekday afternoon, you just crushed your day and are looking to celebrate somewhere with friends and a drink. Nothing too crazy, you don’t want to spend a ton of money and are looking for something low-key. A place to relax, be around great people, but also have a good time.


You’re in luck- I have the perfect place for you, a new hidden gem: Hopscotch.

Hopscotch is a new bar and restaurant opening in Bloomingdale, and I know it will soon become a favorite. I was able to visit before the Grand Opening to hear from the owners and get a tour of the re-designed building.


Opened up by father and son Tommy and Matt Mazzocchi, Hopscotch has taken over what was once the fried chicken joint Crisp Bar and Kitchen. Proud of their Italian roots and experience in the restaurant business, both Tommy and Matt have revamped the hole-in-the-wall bar to become better than ever. Whether you want to play games downstairs, or listen to comedians on the second floor- Hopscotch is bound to be a good time.


As Matt talked about the turnover process, it was clear this project has been a family affair. Grandma stitched the seat covers, while cousins painted the walls. The bathroom was designed by the Aunt, and Grandpa built the railing.


The homey charm and feeling of family is immediate when you walk in the door, and is precisely what makes Hopscotch so special. Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of DC, Hopscotch offers a chill vibe where you can kickback with a beer and some board games, without worrying about breaking the bank or taking life too seriously. Thursday evenings will offer comedians or live music; and there is talk of adding a bingo night in the near future.

Both Tommy and Matt assured me Hopscotch is going to be affordable and fun, with a “comfortable and homey” feel- which is my favorite kind of bar. Deals include $6 Titos and $7 Jameson all week, as well as Happy Hour small plates and $4 draft beers. With a menu of about 15-20 items, they will offer a few entrees, serving mostly appetizers and sandwiches- all inspired by what they do best- Italian food.

As I ended my tour of the place, I sat and chatted with the Mazzochis about their extensive experience in the business, and how excited they were to share their project with the up and coming neighborhood of Bloomingdale. Matt has been working in restaurants since he was thirteen, while Tommy has been in DC for the past 30 years in and out of various bars and eateries. When asked about the name Hopscotch, their answer was simple, but fun- just like the bar- “hops like the beer, and scotch like the liquor…hopscotch!”.

I’m guessing you’re sold by now, but if you want to learn more, check out @hopscotchDC on Instagram/Facebook and @DCHopScotch on Twitter.


The Grand Opening is set for Tuesday, May 14…see you there?


Regardless if you make the opening or not, whenever you hit up Hopscotch, don’t forget to tag us using #FrayLife #DCFray!



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