5 Reasons You Should End Your Summer with DC Polo Society



Sadly, our summer days have slowly come to an end. But, are you still looking for a way to enjoy your final days of nice weather in the #district? Look no further than heading out to a polo match at DC Polo Society.

Read on for five reasons why you should check Polo out before the 2019 season is gone forever!


1. It’s an excuse to get outside and have a picnic with your friends. 

We all see those aesthetic Instagram’s people post with a nice bottle of wine and the cheese plates and picnic blankets. You can be one of those people now! Throw together your favorite snacks and your favorite beverages with a blanket and you too will have yourself an #insta worthy picnic to share. 

2. You can watch and enjoy a new sport!

They say you’re never too old to learn something new (or something like that), and this is your chance, Polo isn’t just the response to Marco (see what we did there). There are so many layers to this game, more than polo shirts and white pants. 

Photo Credit: John Gervasi

3. You can get out of the chaos of the city.

The constant hectic day to day of the city can wear you down, take a short drive out to the countryside to take a breather, and breathe in air that isn’t take over by smog or very tall buildings that take away from your enjoyment of the outdoors.

#FrayLifeTip: Take a drive through the historic Poolesville neighborhood while you are out there for all you architecture fans…OR come on our chartered bus from DC so you don’t have to drive at all!

4. You can even take lessons at the club.

Do you ever see someone riding a horse and wish that you could be able to do the same? Well now is your chance, the club also allows for lessons, as long as you bring a helmet and a pair of boots they will provide everything else (even the horse!). As there is always a club pro on-site you will be able to learn from the best and immerse yourself in all that is horseback riding and polo!


Photo Credit: John Gervasi

5. It’s a great way to make new friends!

If you’re new to the city you have probably come to the realization that it is extremely difficult to meet people ~socially~, in a place where everyone is on the go or working all the time there is hardly any time. Spending your whole day at a polo match, you will be able to network and socialize and make new friends! 

Don’t miss out on the last Polo Sunday Funday of the year! Grab your friends and get tickets at  https://www.dcpolo.com/ before it’s too late!

When you’re out at the pitch this fall, don’t forget to share your fun by tagging #FrayLife #DCFray in your IG posts!


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