4 Road Trips in the Extended DC Area that Showcase Fall Color



The word ‘road trip’ might bring back memories of traveling across the country with your family, or maybe you think of spontaneous weekend trips with friends. With so many stunning routes and destinations in the DC area, you don’t have to go far for a beautiful scenic drive with good company!

As the weather starts cooling down and the leaves begin to change, it’s the perfect time to decompress from all of life’s stresses with a scenic drive. Below are some recommendations we think you’ll love!

Annapolis (45 minutes from DC)

This is a beautiful drive to take in the morning or on the weekends. Quiet and peaceful, the trip from DC to Annapolis, Maryland is only about 45 minutes. You can take a pit stop at one of the beautiful parks or the Globecom Wildlife Management area. Once you hit Annapolis, you’ll drive through neighborhoods of 18th-century brick homes and have the opportunity to check out the downtown area and harbor.

Great Falls (37 minutes from DC)

 Great Falls is a popular destination for hikers and adventurous spirits. Located in Northern Virginia, water from the Potomac River feeds into these falls to create breathtaking waterfalls and rapids. Travel along Seneca Road or the winding Beach Mill Road and make a brunch stop at the highly praised restaurant L’Auberge Chez Francois.

#FrayLifeTip: On your drive, it’s a must to stop at Scott’s Run Nature Preserve and hike to the gorgeous waterfalls there.

Skyline Drive (2.35 hrs from DC)

Grab your pumpkin spice lattes and road trip buddies because Skyline Drive is the ultimate scenic route to get you in your fall feels. When driving down Skyline, you “ride the sky,” as Shenandoah National Park likes to say, with the Blue Ridge Mountains in sight the entire time. Keep an eye out for the cardinal flowers, black-eyed Susans and goldenrods that add brilliant color to this 105-mile road in the fall.

#FrayLifeTip: Stop at any of the 75 scenic overlooks that will have you in awe of Virginia’s natural beauty.

George Washington Memorial Parkway (15 minutes from DC)

If you live in the DC area, love history and enjoy scenic drives, then a trip down George Washington Memorial Parkway is in order. Called the “All-American Road” by the National Park Service, this parkway will take you to the bottom region of the Potomac River and Mount Vernon. Other important and worthy stops on this route are the Arlington Cemetery, the Netherlands Carillon, the Marine Corps War Memorial and the Turkey Run Park, which is full of green forests and meadows. 

#FrayLifeTip: As the leaves change color, stop at the George Washington Memorial Parkway’s Scenic Overlook for amazing views.

What’s your favorite road trip to take around the DMV region? Share pictures with us from your scenic drives using #FrayLife on social!

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