5 Hidden Dessert Gems in DC That Shouldn’t Be Kept a Secret



If you’re a DC-er, we know you love a hidden gem. The forbidden, more like hidden, fruit (I mean, dessert) is just so much sweeter!

The only thing better than sharing a delicious dessert with a friend or date is discovering a brand new delectable treat! Now you can do both! Check out any of these 5 exclusive DC desserts you haven’t heard of yet. You will NOT be disappointed.

Photo Cred: Pie Sisters

Pie Sisters’ Jumble Berry Pie


Pie Sisters is THE place to get pie in the district. Whether it’s a “Pie Bite” size or a full 9-inch pie to take home to the fam, they’ve got it (or can make it) for you. Our #FrayLife favorite is the Jumble Berry, because why have one type of pie when you can put them all together?  Jumble Berry is a mixture of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, and together they form the most perfect pie melody.

#FrayLife Tip: The Jumble Berry is available in gluten and dairy free options as well, so you don’t have to let your diet get in the way of trying something amazing.


Photo Cred: Postmates

The Dough Jar Pop Up @ Rise Bakery

Adams Morgan

The Dough Jar has since set up shop in Georgetown as a brick and mortar location, but it’s lesser known location in Adams Morgan is only available a few hours a night. You can get edible cookie dough by the jar at Rise Bakery (typically known for serving up delicious gluten free baked goods during daylight hours) between 7 and 10:00 p.m., or 11:30 p.m. on weekends. Start your night of bar hopping in Admo off with a bite of tasty edible chocolate chip cookie dough.


Photo Cred: Yelp

A GIANT Cinnamon Roll @ Ted’s Bulletin

14th Street

Sure, you’ve seen the pop tarts and milkshakes from this diner-style 14th Street Staple, but have you tried the cinnamon roll literally labeled on their menu as a “Cinnamon Roll as Big as Yo’ Head”? It’s honestly larger than an average person’s head and comes with a size of thick icing in a full size GRAVY BOAT. Need I say more?

#FrayLife Tip: These are only available on weekends and sell out in the afternoons, so come early for brunch. You don’t want to miss this.


Photo Cred: Washington Post

Captain Cookie and the Milkman’s Ginger Molasses Cookie

Foggy Bottom and Beyond

Did you know there is literally a fleet of milk-and-cookie trucks in DC? Well, now you do. They offer ice cream, cookies, and milk, so basically the makings of the perfect dessert. All of its cookie options are stellar, but that Ginger Molasses is to. Die. for. Track their trucks online at captaincookiedc.com.

#FrayLife Tip: They also have a Foggy Bottom Brick and Mortar if you’re in the mood for some sit-down dessert.


Photo Cred: Pinterest

The Doffle at B Too

Logan Circle

Donut. Waffle. Meet, the doffle. This Belgian gem serves up brunch and brews, but the star of the show is the doffle, which is double the size of a krispy kreme with fluffy and airy goodness. Straight off the waffle iron means they are full of nooks and crannies for the icing drizzle to settle in. Yum.


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