Get ready to join DC Fray & Balance Gym for another season of Yoga! Looking to live a more #BalancedLife and improve yourself mentally & physically? This is the league for you!

This isn't a traditional DC Fray league; no competition involved, just a fun way to get active every week. Of course, you KNOW we're gonna have a fun after-party after we wrap every week... it wouldn't be a DC Fray league otherwise!

It's all going down every Wednesday night at the Balance Gym near Thomas Circle! After Yoga each night, we'll be heading up to the rooftop to kick back! This isn't any kind of Yoga you've seen before!

Ready to sign up? The season kicks off July 11th, so don't delay! 

Important Dates

07/11 - Week 1
07/18 - Week 2 (T-Shirt Week)
07/25 - Week 3
08/01 - Week 4
08/08 - Week 5
08/15 - Week 6

Summer Kickoff Party - Friday, June 15th

Dates subject to change based on permits, availability and other league logistics.