Beat the cold & get active this Winter with some Social Soccer on Thursday! Get ready to join the Fastest Growing, Most Social, and Overall Best Soccer league in the area! We'll be in Arlington every Thursday at Long Bridge Park in the Winter! This division has limited space and fills up fast!

This is an USS Athletic league. These leagues are designed for players that have significant experience with the sport. Usually High School play and above. These teams are a little more organized, still want the party aspect but love the thrill of the game as well.

If this description fits your group then you're good to go! The season kicks off January 26th. For this 8v8 Coed division there will be a required number of females (3) on the field at all times. Teams will play 20 minute halves, 8v8 a side and are required to have at least 12 players on their rosters. We welcome free agents and small groups and will do our best to match players to teams! 

Again, *Soccer teams average 12 players per team, please take that in to consideration when forming your group/team. USS reserves the right to place or not place players onto teams not at the official team size.  USS does not offer refunds.* You can sign up as a free agent, group or team. Groups please keep in mind the COED aspect of the league when registering. 

After your games head down the street to our sponsor bar, Highline RxR! They love having our players come out after(and before!) games! They'll be offering drink specials and a fun atmosphere to meet the other teams and hang out after games! Each winning team each week will receive a free order of their delicious wings on USS! Pretty solid end to a weekend, IMO.

Besides Soccer this season you'll have multiple seasons parties, offers to some sweet events around the city AND giveaways throughout the season!

This league tentatively has space for 8 teams so hurry up and sign up today! Also, the earlier you are promoted to a team the earlier you get to choose your team color!

Players have 4 sweet ways get in on the action.

  1. Create a Group/Team ( Choose your group name and the max numbers you plan on having)
  2. Join a Group (People who want to play together, but don't have enough to field a full team)
  3. Join a Team
  4. Join as a Free Agent (Sign up by yourself to be placed in a group to meet other AWESOME People!)

Dates subject to change based on permits and availability and other league logistics. Number of teams to make the final tournament based on number of teams in each division (social and athletic) and other league logistics.

All teams are subject to receive additional players on their rosters unless they have reached "Official Roster Size" per the USS Roster Table.

Free Agents: We encourage players who want to play but do not have a team/group to join to still play with us! Registered and paid Free Agents are able to be picked up by Captains during registration or will be placed on to a team by the league once registration closes.


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Important Dates

01/26 - Week 1
02/02 - Week 2 (T-Shirts)
02/09 - Week 3
02/16 - Week 4
02/23 - Week 5 (Spirit Week)
03/02 - Week 6
03/09 - Week 7 (Tentative Playoffs)
03/16 - Week 8 (Tentative Playoffs)

Sat, Jan 28th - Season Kick-Off Party
Sat, March 25th - End of Season Party

Dates subject to change based on permits, availability and other league logistics.