Breaking News // Capitals. Wizards. Mystics. Valor... and now DC Fray! 

Starting this Fall each DC Fray member is getting hooked up with a free year subscription to Monumental Sports Network. Click here for more details and be sure to snag the offer during your registration process. 

This style allows players of all skill levels to come out have fun, make friends and develop pong skills that will put house players to shame. Every week players will compete in BOTH FLIP CUP and PONG. As an added bonus we'll have weekly specialty games to teach you some new styles of play.

Tables will open before the games for warm ups / practice. Crowd Favorites include: Traditional Pong & Flipcup (duhhh!!), Flong (perfect Flip cup - beer pong hybrid)), Battleship, King of the Hill, Civil War, and Baseball 

Besides the End of Season Playoffs players can also look forward to FREE BEER events, prizes, trophies, Beginning and End of Season Parties and more, so grab some friends and come on out! Pongapolooza is a Co-ed Social Pong league that requires a minimum of 3 females on each roster and at least 2 females present to play each night.

To be elevated to team status your roster must have 6 paid players. We welcome small groups, full teams and free agents! Different ways to join:  

1. Start your own team (6-10 players)

2. Join with a small group of friends (we will group you with another nifty crowd)

3. Join as an independent player (we will place you with a bangarang group that has an open spot) Psst, Captains! Squad Captains who can register a complete team (6+ players, 2+ girls) should email me the list of their names.

Once everyone on the list registers, the Captain will have their registration fee refunded. Whether they want to pocket it or buy their team the first round, it’s up to them!


For More information on our Flipcup & Pong shenanigans email the League Commish at [email protected] and, as always, please drink responsibly.

Important Dates

09/26 - Week 1 
10/03 - Week 2 (T-Shirts)
10/10 - Week 3
10/17 - Week 4
10/24 - Week 5 
10/31 - Week 6
11/07 - Week 7 (Tentative Playoffs)



TBD - Season Kick-Off Party
TBD - End of Season Party

Dates subject to change based on permits, availability and other league logistics.