You’re a Captain for DC Fray this season…So what does that mean?!?


First Off: You’re awesome! You’ve accepted the call to be your team’s leader.

Second: Depending on your sport, you could play for free! At the end of the season, your registration fee will be returned as a credit towards a future DC Fray league/event!!!

So you play the season and you’ve already covered your next season…captain again?

That’s another season…and on…and on…and you get it, right?



As the Captain you are the FUN Ambassador of your team. We believe in good sportsmanship, friendly competition and a great time! Everyone is out to have fun in a stress-free environment (we get enough stress at work!) so make sure to keep it light and encouraging on the team.

We all know getting a bunch of adults together is like herding cats so we understand the struggle of keeping the team organized. Here are a some tips & tricks…

  • Welcome Emails are key! They get the conversation rolling & can help to introduce teammates, new and old.

  • Send WEEKLY emails! Keep the team engaged with a fun email a few days before your games. Include your game time, location (if needed) and a fun recap or story from the previous week.

  • Check & Double Check the schedule before your game. The schedule on is a LIVE schedule so changes (though rare) can happen.

  • Name a co-captain for the team. If  you can’t make a game, your co-captain can fill in!

  • Forfeiting? Email DC Fray at least 24 hours in advance so we can notify your opponents & adjust the schedule (if possible). 2 or more forfeits in a season disqualifies you from the end of season tournament.

  • You’re the leader, so we count on you to help with disputes & communicate with refs.  Tempers can rise; keep a level-head & speak on behalf of your team. Staff will also come directly to you if they have an issue to resolve.

  • Spread the word! Everyone loves photo & video tags, so tag your friends & DC Fray! IGFB and Twitter are all @DCFray

  • Above all else, keep it social!


If you EVER have any questions,concerns or suggestions just email us at [email protected]